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Our story

Envisioned in Montreal, Canada, 3D Universalis was born through the passion for 3D printing and the realisation that the 4.0 industrial revolution is in motion. That around the globe, businesses from all industries are adapting to the new ways of technology, contending for competitive edge. Answering to the change, we created a turnkey service to facilitate business owners and decision makers to adopt the new possibilities of the manufacturing world.

Expanding beyond production, we offer corporate consulting and training to help the understanding of the uses of additive manufacturing within a business’ operations. Serving as an educational resource, we hope to transmit the suitable tools to increase production flexibility and strengthen values of connectivity and service.

Our Mission

Our mission at 3DUniversalis is to make 3D printing technologies accessible and known for a smarter development of our society’s industrial capabilities. We want to serve as a catalyst to enhance the use of additive manufacturing and practical technological advancement around the globe.

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