CAD File Designing

File Optimization

Not every 3D file will produce clean results when printed, the process of additive manufacturing allows for spatial and mechanical optimization to a tee. During file optimization, unnecessary material is removed and the 3D file is modified for optimal printing and cost efficiency. File optimization saves time and money, while simultaneously increasing the quality of your part.

CAD Creation

Creating a 3D model from scratch is an obligatory step to take to move on with manufacturing. Conceived from provided blueprints and technical documentation, designing a product’s file assures it comes to life, from the initial design to the production itself. Following engineering guidelines, the CAD is to be tailored to serve the part’s mechanical needs and purposes.

3D Scanning

Duplicate any item with 3D scanning. 3D scanning allows to take an existing part or product to create your own file, either for production or for cataloguing. With high resolution scanning, 3D models can be created on demand to turn a prototype into a distributable product or simply to replicate a part.

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